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    Company History

    CorNu Enterprises Inc. was formed in the fall of 2002 and was the start of the realization of the vision the founders had four years earlier. In August 1998, Graeme Robertson and Dr. Shirley Chapman formed a partnership named BizBite Consulting Group. The purposes of the company was to produce high quality business education products based on consulting project materials Graeme Robertson had developed over a period of twenty years. The products would be designed specifically for small and medium sizes business, but were also intended to broaden the knowledge of people making or contributing to management decisions in a company.

    The design concept was to produce operational level knowledge that would focus on the processes involved in thinking through everyday business issues, provide the users with tools that would help them deal with the situations, and help them to make good business decisions. The design format would be quite unlike standard academic texts. Everyday language would be used, except for essential business terms, so that the information would be very quickly and easily understood. Material would be presented in very concentrated 'bite size' segments (BizBites) with length of sentences and paragraphs kept to minimum and ample use of point form, charts, graphics, and actual business illustrations to present the content in the most useable form possible.

    The company's vision was to produce all of the products for delivery in all the electronic forms possible today (e.g., e-books, CD's, and on the Internet) and to support institutions in delivering distance education. Also, they were designed for classroom delivery.

    By the end of 2001, BizBite Consulting Group produced and marketed six products on CD under the BizBite brand:
    As well, detailed and comprehensive Teaching Guides were developed for the four products to assist classroom instructors in the presentation of the material. Each is very inclusive and varies between 250-350 pages. If taught in a classroom, each product would take 100 hours to deliver well.
    Over the past six years, BizBite products have garnered many testimonials and favorable reviews from users who have found the products are very useful educational and coaching tools. In addition, Educators have given very favorable reviews.
    As stated at the beginning, the formation of CorNu Enterprises Inc. was the vision of the founders. The vision was to eventually develop an educational products publishing company that would market quality branded product groups electronically to a global market. BizBite branded products are the first group of products to be offered by CorNu Enterprises. The future for CorNu is bright and we look forward to delivering education with a difference in the years to come.

    Content Specialist - Graeme Robertson

    Graeme Robertson is a seasoned business management professional with over 30 years of experience. He has held senior positions in retail, wholesale and distribution operations. At times the scope of his responsibilities was more than half of Canada. Additionally, Mr. Robertson was regional Manager for a national personnel-consulting firm and he has been actively engaged in business management consulting for 20 years.

    Curriculum Developer - Dr. Shirley Chapman (B. Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D.)

    Dr. Shirley Chapman is a veteran educator with over 30 years of experience. She is an expert in course/program design and development. Her experience covers public schools, colleges, and universities. Shirley is experienced in designing and developing training specifically for delivery via on-line (Internet) for organizations, colleges, and businesses. She is responsible for the page layout and format as well as the graphics in any course or training that she designs.
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