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    CorNu Enterprises has specifically designed BizBite Consulting Group business education products to be used in a number of different ways:

    • Instructional tools for educators
    • Trade associations providing business education to their membership
    • People contributing to management decisions in small and medium size businesses
    • Self pace learning for individuals
    • Business coaching tool for individuals
    The products are designed so that each can be offered as a single unit or as part of the complete set of business management materials. In addition, you can use the products in distance education.

    BizBite Consulting Group products are easy to understand, packed with examples and illustrations to make learning easy and meaningful. They are written in bite-sized modules (BizBites) so that instructors/participants may choose the order of modules to study.

    The content is purposely designed as operational in nature. The intent is to provide participants with the knowledge they need to manage their business successfully on a daily basis and to interface effectively with their hired professionals.

    Flexibility of delivery

    The products are delivered in the following ways:
    • As CD's in a Adobe .pdf format
    • Directly to your students/members through this web site as a download
    • As a download to PDA's; Palm OS or MS PPC
    • As a classroom instructional tool
    • A combination of all the above
    The products offer flexibility, tested curriculum, and affordable pricing.
    Furthermore, for educators, corresponding instructor guides are available for each of the four products. These instructor guides include:
    • Complete lesson plans
    • Learning strategies
    • Assignments
    • Assessment tools
    A complete package:
    In BizBite Consulting Group products, CorNu Enterprises offer a complete package of quality, practical business learning for your students or the members of your organization. You may offer these products:
    • On-site or as distance education
    • Offered as credits in programs
    • Offered as self-study resources for clients at regional centres
    Distributor Incentive

    A Distributor is defined as an educator, trade association or any organization or individual who will promote the use of CorNu products to multiples of potential users by referring them to the CorNu web site.

    An approved Distributor is assigned a unique number which is given to their referral. A referral may be a student, an employee or any potential user who the Distributor feels will benefit from the products. The referral receives a 5% discount off their purchase when they register using the Distributors number. The Distributor receives 30% of the referrals purchases after the 5% discount. The Distributors number is linked forever to their referrals future purchases. For educators and trade associations this 30% incentive is intended to assist in the delivery of their training program.

    We will be happy to discuss your ideas for using our products and explore ways that CorNu Enterprises can support you.

    We hope that you will consider BizBite Consulting Group products for inclusion in your course offerings. For further information on pricing and delivery of these products click below to register your institution/organization and fill out the checklist provided. We will respond to you within three business days.

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    Business Plan Personnel Managment Sales & Marketing Financial Management Management Suite
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