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    FAQ about CorNu Enterprises BizBite Business Education Products

    What makes CorNu's BizBite products different from other business education products?

    • BizBite products are specifically designed for busy people who contribute to management decisions in their company.

    How are the products designed differently?

    • The PDF format allows users to access quickly the areas of knowledge using the 'bookmark' feature in Adobe Acrobat.]
    • The knowledge presented is comprehensive, but concentrated.
    • The language is easy to understand and does not use 'box car' words to impress.
    • Information in point form, graphics and many life business examples are used to illustrate key points and enhance the learning experience.

    How is the learning experience different?

    • The user learns at their own pace.
    • The emphasis is on practical, operational level knowledge ( rather than theory) that can be applied in the business immediately to get results.

    What will I learn?

    • You will learn the processes involved in thinking through everyday business issues and in arriving at good decisions.
    • You will acquire the ability to think through similar problems in the future.
    • BizBite products are very comprehensive. They cover all the key areas of managing any business.

    How will BizBite products help to improve my business?

    • BizBite products are based on the understanding that your business is different. These products don't present theories that are difficult to apply to your business; rather they present practical, hands-on processes to help you analyze and solve your unique business issues.

    Technical Frequently Asked Questions

    I am having login problems

    • There may be three reasons why you cannot login
      1. You have typed in your password wrong
      2. You have forgotten it. If you have forgotten it, return to the login page and click on Forgot My Password. It will be emailed to you.
      3. You may not be registered as a user. You will be sent to the Registration page after you have placed your first order. Once you are registered, you may use the login to place further orders.

    I do not have a distributor number
    • You may place an order without entering a Distributor Number on the registration form.
    • If a Distributor has referred you to our web site, it is important that you do enter the Distributors Number on the registration form so we can track the referrals of that Distributor.
    How can I receive the products?
    • All of our products are offered as downloads off the Internet.
    • However, we also offer our five major products in two ways: sent by mail on a CD or download off the Internet.

    How will I be able to view my product(s)?
    • All of our products (except for the Interactive Excel Workbooks) are created in a format called PDF. These PDF files can be accessed by Adobe Acrobat Reader v4.0 and greater.

      Acrobat reader is a free program that can be downloaded from the Adobe's website. You will need Acrobat Reader v4.0 or better to see the many graphics within our products. Before upgrading your version of Acrobat Reader, remove your present version.

    Product Sampler
    Business Plan Personnel Managment Sales & Marketing Financial Management Management Suite
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