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    CorNu Modules

    100 - 001. The Business Plan

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    101 - 001. Overview of Business Planning-Why You need one
    In this module, you will learn the reasons why business planning is an essential part of achieving success

    102 - 001. Defining Your Business and Its Goals
    Without definition and direction, a business is unlikely to succeed. This module discusses how to describe and set goals for your business

    103 - 001. Market analysis and Supplier Support-Keys to Success
    Before anything else happens in business planning, the market to be served needs to be analyzed. Also, if products are to be sold decisions need to be made about who will be your suppliers. This module discusses these issues and leads you through the process of making those decisions

    104 - 001. Steps in Preparing Your Marketing Plan
    Your marketing plan describes how your business will express itself in the marketplace and how the resources of the business will be used to do that. In this module, you will learn how to put together a marketing plan.

    105 - 001. How to Test if Your Business will Make Money
    At the end of the day, will you make money? This module presents essential tools for managing the financial health of your business

    200 - 001. Personnel Management Order Now

    201 - 001. How To Hire The Right People
    People are the most important resource in any business. Making a poor hiring decision can have a major financial impact on your business. In this module, you will study how to properly screen, assess, and hire employees who will make a solid contribution to your business. In addition, you will to learn how to handle employee terminations in a professional manner.

    202 - 001. Effective Employee Management and Development
    In this module, you will learn the importance and value of a planned approach to employee development. Good employee career planning results in loyal, committed and productive employees.

    203 - 001. Management and Leadership Skills
    The success of your business will depend heavily on your ability to manage, direct, and motivate your employees. In this module, you will study skills and techniques that will help you be an effective manager of people.

    300 - 001. Sales & Marketing Management Order Now

    301 - 001. Marketing Management-Defining the Right Path for Your Company
    In this module, you will learn how the marketing manager does the analysis; planning and decision making that must be carried out to implement the marketing plan and marketing strategy for a company.

    302 - 001. Creating Productive Sales Staff
    Sales are the lifeblood of any company. In this module, you will be presented with a comprehensive sales training outline that can be delivered by any company. It will not matter whether the offerings are products or services; the same methods apply. You will learn a range of skills and techniques that sales people need to apply in selling situations to be successful.

    303 - 001. How to Maximize Sales Force Potential
    The focus of this module is how the Sales Manager directs and motivates the sales force to accomplish the goals of the company. You will learn how the Sales Manager organizes sales activities and maximizes the potential of sales staff and customers alike. Performance management direction and assessment methods will be learned. In addition, you will learn how the Sales Manager needs to adapt their approach to different people and situations.

    400 - 001. Financial Management Order Now

    401 - 001. Planning for the Financial Success of Your Business
    This module will focus on what managers need to pay attention to on a daily and monthly basis to be good managers of the money invested in the business. You will learn some of the tools and approaches managers need to use to plan for a financially healthy business.

    402 - 001. Operational Financial Management
    This module is particularly concerned with managing the flow of cash in and out of the business. It is also concerned with how cash is utilized by the business to provide the best return of investment (ROI).

    403 - 001. Monitoring the Financial Health of the Business
    In this module, you will learn what a business manager needs to accomplish on a monthly basis to monitor the financial health of the business. You will learn how to interpret financial statements and how to use financial ratios to monitor your business performance.

    404 - 001. Finance, Risk Management and Business Planning
    In this module, you will learn the common methods of financing a business and what questions a manager needs to ask when considering a particular type of financing. You will learn the strategies for risk management. In addition, some guidance is provided on the different formats for writing a business plan.

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